Teaching kids about Christ is the most important thing a person can do.  Jesus wants us all to be with Him one day.

On Teach Kids About Christ, you will find

  • creative ways to teach children stories and concepts from the Bible;
  • exciting learning activities;
  • printable coloring pages;
  • printable activities such as crossword puzzles and word searches.

The ideas, activities, coloring pages, and activity sheets are organized according to the Bible stories that they complement.

When teaching kids about Christ, your  primary goal should be to help the children learn or review something from the Bible and grow closer to God the Father and to Jesus.  When contemplating what to teach and/or how to teach a Bible story or concept, it is important to pray about it and be sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  God knows what these children need to hear.  Only God can call them to be His own.  Let’s do God’s work in God’s way.

Bible teaching can be accomplished through a variety of methods.  Kids love stories;  so do adults for that matter.  I think that’s why Jesus often taught through story.  So make a story-telling time part of your Sunday School or Kid’s Cell routine.   Bible learning can be enhanced with the use of games or exciting activities which reinforce the biblical facts and concepts.  Worksheets that have a Bible verse for memorization can also be very effective.  The students can take these activity pages home to work on.  Take-home sheets help the children remember what they have learned as well as remind the student to learn the Bible verse.

Crafts can also be useful.  Children usually love doing crafts.  Kids’ crafts are usually saved and displayed, reminding the child again and again of what they have learned.

Worship is another  important part of any kid’s group meeting because it helps children focus on getting closer to God.  Worship for children most often takes the form of short prayers and age-appropriate songs.

The younger the child, the more different activities a lesson should include.  Very young children need short,  simple activities.

These bible lesson ideas and activities are suitable for use teaching Sunday School (or for some other church program), Christian daycares, Christian private schools and Christian homeschooling.

Check out funartandcrafts.com to find fun Bible crafts.

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