Noah’s Ark

September 10th, 2010 by admin

This Noah’s Ark coloring page shows Noah directing the animals into the ark once it was finished.  Find the story in the Bible, Genesis 6-8.

Noahs Ark Coloring Page

To print this Noah’s Ark coloring page click the on the image.  Click again to zoom in.  Then under “File” choose “Page Setup” and select “Landscape”.  This Noah’s Ark coloring page is for educational use.  Not for resale or publication.

Artwork by Timothy G. Peters.


The Animals Assemble

December 10th, 2009 by admin

Age Group: The Animals Assemble game is good for children aged three to ten.

Materials Needed: For the Animals Assemble game,  you will need small plastic animals – two of each kind.  These types of toys can be bought at a dollar store.

This game is about Noah and the flood (Genesis, chapters 6 and 7) and should be played after that story is told.   Two of each kind of animal came to Noah to enter the ark.  For this game,  have two of each type of animal hidden around the room.  The children need to find the animals and line them up two by two, each with its own kind, ready to enter the ark.  The teacher could play or sing the song “Arky, Arky” while the children are looking for the animals and lining them up to enter the ark.

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