God is Love

June 15th, 2011 by admin

Give each of the children a piece of paper and maker/crayon.  It can be nice to use pink or red paper for this activity.  Have them draw a heart and write the words, “God is Love”. A helper may be needed to do the writing.  Children can cut out hearts and decorate them if there is time and enough scissors.  Heart stickers may also be used for decoration.

When the children are finished, gather them in a circle.  Have the children take turns around the circle.  They should show their paper and say, “God is love!”

The ” God is Love” activity is ideal for children who are three to six years of age.  It will also work for mixed age groups.  For a mixed age group have the older children assist the younger ones.

How to Show Love Activity

December 1st, 2009 by admin

Age Group: This Bible activity is good for children from four  to eight years of age.  Older student may simply write their ideas down.

Materials Needed:

  • A blank paper for each child.

Ask students how people have shown love to them.  Take responses.  Ask students how they have shown love to others.  Give students each a blank piece of paper.  Allow students to draw themselves showing love to someone. Then get into a circle and allow students to show the others what they drew.  Alternately, you could have students draw first and then share ideas.  Encourage the children to show love to others in a practical way every day.

This activity can also be done on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, with the drawings being how they can show love to their mothers or fathers on either of those days.

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