Apple, Apple, Love! Preschool Game

June 15th, 2011 by admin

Play “Duck, Duck, Goose!” using the words “apple, apple, love”.  To play this game have the children sit in a circle.  Then one person is ‘it’.  They walk on the outside of the circle and tap each person’s head and say, “apple, apple, apple, apple…love!”   They may say apple as many times as they like.  When the person who’s ‘it’ says “love” both children have to run around the circle in opposite directions.  The goal is to try to get to the empty spot in the circle first and sit down.  The person who’s the slowest is ‘it’.

Use this game along with a lesson on the fruit of the spirit.  The fruit we produce is not actually apples but it is love for others.  This love comes out of our heart if we have Jesus in our heart.


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