Knowing Jesus Lesson Introduction Game

April 8th, 2010 by admin

Age Group:This Lesson introduction game for kids works well with children six and up – children who can read.  This introduction game can be used with a group of children of different ages as long as there are some children in the group who can read.

Materials Needed: A paper  with the lesson topic printed on it.  Also scissors to cut the letters apart before the game.

Print the lesson topic onto a regular piece of blank paper.  I type it and use a printer for this but it could also be printed by hand.  In this case the topic is Knowing Jesus.  Here is a pdf(Knowing Jesus) that I have made with that topic title on it.  This Lesson Introduction Game could actually be used with any topic or Bible lesson.

Then cut the letters apart.  Before the children arrive, hide the pieces around the room.  If you have a larger group, print several pages on different colors.  Organize the children into groups and have each group find the papers of a certain color.  Instruct the children to find all the letters and see if they can put them together to make words to figure out what today’s lesson will be about.

This activity will get children excited about what the lesson will be about.

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