Philip And The Ethiopian Activity

December 23rd, 2009 by admin

Age Group: This Bible activity is great fun for children from three to five years of age but it can be used with even older children when the group is multi-aged.  Have the bigger children play the horse!

Materials Needed:

  • laundry basket
  • rope
  • blue blanket
  • Bible

The story of Philip and the Ethiopian is found in Acts 8:26-40.

To act out the story of Philip and the Ethiopian, first loop the rope through the basket so the the ‘carriage’ can be pulled by the ‘horse’.  Allow one of the children to play the Ethiopian and ride in the basket with the Bible.  Have another child play Philip.  Philip runs up to the carriage and asks the Ethiopian if he understands what he is reading.  He doesn’t understand,  so Philip explains.  They both take a ride in the carriage/basket and then come to some water (the blue blanket).  The Ethiopian asks to be baptized.  They get out of the carriage and they duck under the blue blanket – the Ethiopian is baptized!   Play the  Philip and the Ethiopian activity several times.  Allow children to take turns acting out the different parts.

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