Listening Game

April 8th, 2010 by admin

Age Group: The Listening Game is  quite popular with kids ages two to nine years of age.  Even the youngest children will enjoy and remember this game due to its repetitive nature.  Older children will enjoy participating in the Listening Game when playing this game with a multi-age group.

Materials Needed: There are no materials needed for the Listening Game!

This listening game works well as a pre-story activity for the Bible story of God calls Samuel.   Explain that the children should all pretend to be sleeping.

Then the teacher should call one of their names.  When a child hears their name they stand up and say, “Here I am”.  The teacher says, “Go back to bed”.  Repeat.  Make sure you call all the children’s names.  This game works best with a group of less than 20 children.

After the listening game ask the children, “Who should we listen to?”  Some good answers are parents, teachers and God.  If they don’t say God, make sure to supply that answer.  Then read the children the story of God calling Samuel (1 Samuel 3:1-10).

After the story you might want to ask the children how God speaks to us.  God speaks to us through His Word – the Bible.

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