Moses’ Sister Was Helpful Activity

December 1st, 2009 by admin

Age Group:This Bible activity is suitable for children of ages three and up.  It works great with multiage groups.

Materials Needed: None!  Just the kids! :)

This activity is great to use after reading Exodus 2:1-9.

Ask students:

  • How did Miriam, Moses’ sister, help?
  • What are some things you could do to help someone, like the Bible says we should?

Brainstorm some ideas of what someone could do help others.  Get kids thinking  specifically about acts of kindness that children (they themselves) could do.

Put the students into small groups of approximately four children.  Explain that they will act out, silently,  a situation where someone is helping and everyone else will try to guess what they are acting out.   Give groups time to practice their situation.  Then have the groups take turns acting their helpful scenario.  After each group performs,  let the other students guess what they were acting out.

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